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AUGUST 4 -2014 - HERE COME THE (WEDDING) DRONES? In an August 2, 2104 video story by NY Times reporter Samantha Stark, some videographers have begun to use drones to fly over weddings and take remarkable footage. Since the FAA currently does not license the commercial use of drones, it is a "gray area." That means it is not without controversy. When Shawn Patrick Maloney, Representative for New York's 18th Congressional District got married recently, his Republican opponent criticized him for "violating FAA guidelines"...which as far as anyone can tell, do not mention wedding flyovers. I'm sure the complaint has nothing to do with the fact that Maloney is gay.
In any case, the footage is sensational and dramatic. There have been a few near-misses of drones hitting brides and well as one actual collision (ouch). View the video and you'll get an idea of what I'm talking about.
Are drones here to stay or just a fad? I'm not sure. But perhaps in the near future, you will work in tandem with a "video pilot" to capture images from your brides' and grooms' weddings. Just make sure you have insurance, and your video pilot doesn't hit the participants!